Grace Kelly arrived in Berlin in 1996, coming from Bahia in Brazil to the verge of Western Europe.

Her DJ career started two years later when she first had the opportunity to DJ for Afoxé Loni, one of the most beautiful and musically sophisticated carnival groups at the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin. In 2000 she was invited to perform at the festival Heimatklänge at Tempodrom in Berlin. Ever since she has enjoyed immense success, rocking the decks and blowing up dance floors in Berlin and all across the globe.

In Berlin so far she has also perfromed at festivals such as Pop d’Europe or Berlinale, as well venues like LIQUIDROM, Mudd Club, Far Out, Grüner Salon, Kulturbrauerei, Tränenpalast, HAU – Hebbel am Ufer, Trompete, Volksbühne, Lido, BKA Theatre, MATRIX, Pfefferberg, Berliner Festspiele and many more.

Internationally she was djing in London, Mikonos, Bali, Brazil, Italy, Marocco, Poland, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Israel and The Netherlands.

DJ Grace Kelly presents Afrobrazilian music and Latinamerican sounds such as Baile Funk – all of it filtered through Electro and House. Like any cross cultural DJ, she embraces being influenced, and so a trained ear will notice the Oriental Breakbeats and Eastern European rhythms snuggling their way through her mixes. The only thing Grace Kelly can guarantee is that you will be shaking your ass until she leaves the decks!

Apart from her shows in different clubs and festivals in Germany and around the world, DJ Grace Kelly has established her own party called „Mundo Mix – World Wide Dance Music“ which she was running several years in Berlin. The party had the most intriguing musical guests – live and on the turntables and succeeded in offering a platform for developing that worn out label „worldmusic“.

She has also hosted her own radio show called „Selektor – Brazil Beats“ at the public broadcasting station Radio Multikulti (RBB) for several years, untill the station was closed in 2008. DJ Grace Kelly used this channel to present the multifaceted sounds of Brazil, thereby sustaining the particularities of a continent people tend to misinterpret as a whole.

Grace Kelly played the drums already in Bahia and São Paulo. As part of the band Rainhas do Norte, consisting of women only who master various percussion instruments like bass- and snare-drum, calabashes and moore, they also sing. Rainhas do Norte enthusiast audiences in diverse indoor venues as well as larger outdoor festivals. The deep, characteristic sound of their percussion, the Maracatu de baque virado, was originally played at the carnival of Recife. The women of Rainhas do Norte synthesize this heritage with the sound of Berlin, and so it’s only logic that Grace Kelly is part of it.

For the reason of the mix, we will always see large cities targeted and inhabited by immigrants from all over the world turn into cultural jam jars. In Berlin people from almost every nation there is live their lifes. And when we talk about Grace Kelly in Berlin, we do not mean that monarch cutie from Monaco. When we say Grace Kelly we mean the witch master behind the turntables who came to us from Bahia, Brazil.

DJ Grace Kelly